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Equine Services

Here at SAFE Equestrian we pride ourselves on our passion and caring nature to help meet your equine needs.

Our dedicated team have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on training, re-schooling, backing or even helping rehabilitate your equine friend.

We provide a tailored service that's completely designed around the equine's needs. Every equine will have a detailed care plan, regular updates and online tracking to monitor their progress. 

Basic full livery: 

Daily muck out

Rotational turn out

Rotational Bring in

Ad Lib hay

Basic hard feed


 paddock maintenance

Basic foot care

and assistance for all routine appointments (vaccines, farrier, dentist, physio, saddler fitter)

Every service is tailored to meet yours and your equines needs, with owners living on site and regular updates. You can rest assured your 4-legged friend will be in great hands. 

Training Livery.

Each equine will have a two weeks assessment upon arrival, followed by a detailed tailor made plan developed to help achieve your goals. 

Backing Livery

Every youngster is assessed over a two week period, to cover ground work and full history. From the assessment we will discuss and devise a full training plan to help your baby begin their education. 

Sales Livery

Every equine is unique, we can offer a fully tailored service to help find your equine their new home, which can also include a vetting of the new potential owner and assistance with trials and vet inspections.

Rehabilitation Livery

Sometimes our equine friends need a little TLC, from box rest to brining back into work after injury. Our site offers large boxes with deep beds, regular round the clock monitoring and equine trainers to help care for and meet your equine's needs. Each pony or horse will have their own detailed care plan agreed with the vet and any other professionals. 

Holiday Livery

We have limited space for your equine while you take a well deserved break.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements we would love to help

Believe and you will achieve

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