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Pony Parties


S&F Equestrian




Take the stress out of your party and let us host the entertainment at your home or chosen venue. You can completely customise your party with ponies/unicorns and even superheros for up to 2 hours with:

Meet & Greet

Pamper & Fuss


Pony Painting


And More...

A Theme of Your Choice

Our parties are suitable for all ages, all abilities and girls and boys alike. We endeavour to work very closely with you to ensure everyone has the most magical day.

Below you'll find a link to contact us if you have any questions about your Party, plus, a link to our Party Form. Here you can request your preferred date & time, plus all the activities you'd like with space to come up with your own ideas

We will endeavour to respond to each Party Form with a quote and booking confirmation, however, on some occasions a discussion email is required if we need further info first

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