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Breaking Down Barriers Fundraiser

Our Efforts!!!

We have partnered with a local cause to raise funds to help the local community.

Our efforts will benefit not only exsiting students,  with the new equipment we plan to purchase,  it will open doors to the equine world for those that may always find it closed.


 Our efforts will see us walk 1 million steps to raise funds and awareness of those that are not so fortunate as ourselves and look to people such as ourselves and charities like The Bearded Fishermen for help

Below you will find a gallery of images from our pedometers showing our progress over the time. We would love to introduce you to the people behind the scenes, including the two gentlemen who run The Bearded Fishermen

You can help in many ways! Collect raffle prizes we can use, organised sponsored events, or just simply donate that spare £1 or £2. Everything helps us all work together to build a strong, safe and inclusive equestrian setting where all can belong, 

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