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Learning Opportunities


Learning With Horses:

Learning is experimental, triggering a number of challenges along the way. Equines offer a structured, supportive learning environment to help develop social, emotional and language skills. Students develop new and inventive ways to problem solve, over come barriers and enhance communications skills. 

We offer student placements onsite, full or part time, to suit every ability and challenge faced by young people

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 Alternative provision:

   Our onsite provision offers students the chance to engage in learning opportunities at our equine Education centre. 

The Programme is tailored around empowering the students to devise their own work schedule, working through tasks designed to develop IT, English, Mathematics, Life skills, Communication, Resilience and Self Confidence


Each student will be registered with ASDAN to complete courses such as Animal Care, Fitness, Language, Foodwise, English and Maths while practising natural horsemanship and developing new skills to transfer into their future careers.

Onsite students will learn to further develop abilities in communication, the understanding of emotions and adapting social deliverance. The sessions also help to positively influence self confidence and help build self regulation tools. 

The AP operates 5 days a week, offering limited places per day. Students should be enrolled for a minimum of 10 weeks to complete each course.

 Equine Interventions:

     We can bring our equines to your setting,  enabling the familiar surrounding to help your students be more at ease.

Our ponies are trained and adaptable for working outside on playing fields or in sports halls, dependent on weather.

Each encounter is tailored around the individuals needs, incorporating the enhancement of skills in communication, the understanding of emotions and development of social skills. The sessions also help positively influence self confidence and self regulation tools. 

Session last up to 50 minutes, with a maximum number of 8 participants. The optimal number of sessions is 6-8 taking place once or twice weekly depending on need 

Team Work









Self Care


Development Opportunities


The sessions not only teach children and young people natural horsemanship skills, but enhance and build team work. helping develop the students confidence, social skills and communication abilities. Each session encourages the development of stratagies to help overcome challenges. Working with their peers to build their confidence in sharing their knowledge, experience and being able to ask for guidance 

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