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Every service can be customised, adapted and altered to meet most requests, so please feel free to get in touch 

Alternative Learning

An Alternative Learning Provision with Equines at the forefront

Equines facilitate a unique learning environment to help individuals overcome challenges, adapt different techniques and enhance social skills

We offer work experience, school visits and part and full time placements for students looking for an alternative learning provision

           Riding School

A Learning Journey Tailored to Your Chosen Discipline

Explore the world of Equines and how to create a harmonious partnership. 

Enjoy the beginnings of a career learning life long skills

We offer volunteer placements for young people and adults aged 13yrs+

Pony Parties

Choose a Natural or Unicorn/Superhero Theme

Take the stress out of your party and let us host the entertainment at our place. You can completely customise your party with up to 6 ponies/unicorns for up to 2 hours with:

Meet & Greet, Pamper & Fuss, Grooming & Glitter, Games, Painting, Photographs and More...

A Theme of Your Choice


We'd love to hear from you and help you make your party ideas a reality

Equine Services

Tailored Services To Suit Your Equestrian Needs

Our staff are wonderful, kind and caring horse trainers with years of experience behind them. Their quiet and calm natures mean they excel in the specialist ability to Train, school and rehabilitate horses and ponies.

Our additional equine services extend to also include long & short term livery solutions such as Box Rest, Injury Rest and Winter Stabling 

Clubs & Activities

Weekly, Monthly & Seasonally hosted clubs and activities for riders of all ages & abilities

Come join the fun with like minded individuals 

Each week, month & seasonally we run different clubs & activities encompassing the teaching of skills required to ride, care for and enjoy horses & ponies 

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